Method and System for Expansion of Visibility Range of an Image

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to a method and system for imaging device and more specifically relates to a method and system for expanding the visibility range of the imaging device in adverse weather conditions by determination of reflectance map and gray level shifted image. The method comprising, capturing the image to provide an edge strength by gradient operator on the luminescent component of the image, refining the gradient image by bilateral filtering, matting the filtered gradient image to determine the reflectance map of the entire image, generating a gray level shifted image based on said reflectance map, processing means to convert shifted image from RGB space to HSV space and decompose the V plane value and revert back the modified shifted image to increase the visibility range of the input image. Object of the present invention is to provide a system and method which could be implemented for various hand held embedded systems.


Mr.Saumik Bhattacharya (PhD Student,EE), Prof.Sumana Gupta(EE), Prof.KS Venkatesh(EE)



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