Method of Fabrication Based on Controlled Microstructure with Refined and Coarse Grains

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention discloses a metal/alloy fabrication method, based on controlled deformation to attain a graded pattern of microstructure grains throughout the thickness of material. The invention involves multiple forging steps followed by a heat treatment and recrystallization that leads to finer grains at the surface and coarse grains in core. The finer surface grains are responsible for strength, fatigue, wear and corrosion resistance whereas the coarse core grains provide ductility to the material. A variable distribution of grains is desirable for strength and ductility of material for various industrial applications.


Mr. Prabhat Kumar Rai (Student,MSE), Mr.Sanjay Chaoudhary(Student,MSE), Dr.Shashank Shekhar(MSE), Dr.Kallol Mondal(MSE)



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