Method of Producing Multi-layered Steel with Variable Compositions

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing multi-layered steel composites or laminates for heterogeneous blade cutter members. More particularly, the invention pertains to a method of producing multi-layered steels with variable compositions whose mechanical properties are incompatible to each other, in a harmonic manner giving rise to a composite effect. The multilayer consists of alternating layers of two or more different steels whose mechanical properties are incompatible to each other; i.e. materials having different tensile strength and ductility properties. It involves stacking the requisite number of layers, drilling uniform holes into the stacked assembly, inserting high strength rods of a suitable diameter into the holes and hammering to interlock the multiple layers which is then subjected to severe plastic deformation processes, like cold forging, cold or hot rolling process to obtain the final multi-layered product. This method increases the number of layers of the multi-layered composite in minimum number of cycles. It reduces tunnelling cracks by obstructing the path of the crack by a rod that also aids with interlocking of the layers in production of multilayers composites.


Mr.Rama Satya Sandilya V (Student,MSE), Mr.Subhankar Khara(Student,MSE),Dr.Shashank Shekhar(MSE),Dr.Kallol Mondal(MSE), Dr.Sandeep Sangal(MSE)



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