Multicolor Interchangable Flaps and Convertible Form of Bag

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present subject matter described herein, in general, relates to convertible bags and more particularly to bags convertible to different modes of carrying, such as from handbag to backpack and sling bag. The invention is a convertible handbag, which also allows the owner to change the color or pattern of the handbag quickly and easily in order to match any outfit being worn and style of living. This bag has a single strap and ring arrangement and flaps which are capable to change the carrying mode and appearance. The bag comprising of a zipped top body, plurality of flaps of different color, attached to the body by D-ring, a strap having detachable hook for engaging to the another pair of D-rings stitched at the top portion of the sidewalls of the body, and an anchoring ring attached at the bottom of the body, wherein the ends of strap are coupled to D-rings on the sidewall for defining a sling bag mode, the second end of strap is folded for defining a hand bag mode, and the second end of strap is inserted through anchoring ring at the bottom of the bag and then attached at the other end of sidewall to define a backpack mode.


Ms.Pratiti Srakar(Student,DP), Prof.J.Ramkumar(ME)



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