Multipurpose Proctoscope: Nested Type

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Invention is a nested type proctoscope, made up of two scopes one over the other. The internal proctoscope (obturator)is so designed that it can be rotated inside the external proctoscope in 360* and rectangular protrusions is provided over its outer surface which helps in locking in any position to change the exposure of anal wall. A silicone layer is placed over it, which facilitates easy insertion inside the canal and can be disposed of after the operation and so the proctoscope can be reuses after sterilization. An inflating balloon on front helps in retaining its position inside canal. Proctoscope is prominently used in the surgical operations, biopsy and inspection in the diseases occurs in the anal rectum region such as anal cancers, hemorrhoids, internal opening of the fistulous tract, anal polyps, fissures, and ulcerations and others.


Mr. Siddhant Srivastava (PhD. Student, Design Prog.), Mr. Ayush Gupta (B.Tech Student, BSBE), Dr. Arshad Ahmad (KGMU), Dr. J. Ramkumar (ME & Design Prog.)


325057-001, 325093-001

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