Oxygen Releasing Antioxidant Scaffold for Tissue Engineering

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention in general relates to an oxygen releasing antioxidant polymeric cryogel scaffold for tissue engineering. Particularly, the invention relates to scaffolds containing calcium peroxide (CPO) as an oxygen generating material in an antioxidant polyurethane (PUAO). Also, provided herein is a method of fabricating the oxygen releasing antioxidant polymeric cryogel as described. The oxygen releasing antioxidant polymeric cryogel of the invention act as reactive oxygen species scavenger and show sustained release of oxygen. PUAO-CPO was fabricated by the cryogelation technique by incorporation of calcium peroxide in antioxidant polyurethane scaffolds. An antioxidant biomaterial, polyurethane was used for fabrication of oxygen releasing biomaterial. The scaffold showed sustained release of oxygen because hydrophobic properties of polyurethane. The oxygen releasing antioxidant scaffold could delay and prevent the normal tissue degradation process upon hypoxia.


Dr. Ashok Kumar(BSBE), Mr. Parvaiz Ahmad Shiekh (PhD Student, BSBE)



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