Parametric Anisotropic BRDF for 3D Surface Reconstruction and Micro Texture Evaluation

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to optical surface reconstruction and particularly, pertains to high resolution 3D surface reconstruction from images with an application in non-contact metrology and characterization of surface. A parametric form of anisotropic bi-directional reflectance distribution function for 3D surface reconstruction and micro texture evaluation is disclosed. Complementary fusion reconstruction algorithm uses principal component analysis. Input is taken in the form of image data set and it reconstructs the 3D profile of surface under inspection. It addresses surface with micro-scale details varying with high frequency. Object of the invention is to use monochromatic illumination sources fixed at different directions and separate the image corresponding to each colour as different channel of the camera output.


Prof.K.S.Venkatesh(EE),Prof.J.Ramkumar (ME) and Mr.Hitendra Kumar(Student,ME)



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