Polyaniline Linked Metal Phthalocyanines Based Flexible Gas Sensors

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to gas sensors, particularly, it relates to polyaniline linked metal phthalocyanines based flexible gas sensors to be used in medical diagnostics, food packaging, food adulteration, environmental monitoring. The gas sensors comprising of polyaniline doped with metal phthalocyanines which can be used in medical diagnostics, food packaging, food adulteration detection and environmental monitoring. The invention is directed to fabrication of gas sensors, which can be assembled in form of an array for detection of volatile organic compounds and mixture thereof. The gas sensors of invention possess the advantage of form factor and potential low cost of manufacturing along with appreciable sensitivity with respect to known sophisticated techniques in prior art.


Dr.Siddhartha Panda (ChE), Ms.Mousumi Sinha (PhD Student,ChE)



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