Pond Ash-kaolinite Based Geopolymer Brick and Process for Manufacturing the Same

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to economical and green method for manufacturing a geopolymer product/brick, wherein the source materials are pond ash and kaolinite used in defined amounts. Further, the present process employs a step of ball milling or grinding of the said pond ash-kaolinite precursor powder that in turn increases the homogeneity of the material mixture, and on further addition of filler materials improves the compressive strength of the formed geopolymer product/brick. The green geopolymer brick as formed by the process of the present invention provides a compressive strength of 6.2-8.8 MPa. The green geopolymer product/brick of the present invention finds application in civil constructions.


Dr.Priyanka Ghosh,CE, Dr.Krishanu Biswas,MSE & Mr.Sreyashrao S(Student,CE)



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