Portable Beverage Dispenser

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Invention is a portable beverage dispensing device that is ergonomic and easy to use inside and outside public transports. A vendor is required to use only one hand to open the tap to dispense the beverage thereby keeping the other hand free. The positioning of a tap to dispense the beverage is such that the vendor is able to see the level of beverage in the cup. The beverage dispenser comprises of a container for containing the beverage to be dispensed from it, which is in turn contained inside an outer container, a dispensing tap for dispensing beverage, an inlet to the container for filling beverage inside the container, a holding means and a clipping means configured to carry, the outer container having the container inside it, by a person in the torso of the person. The dispenser is simple, compact, lightweight, and widely for use in crowded public transportation.


Dr. Satyaki Roy(HSS), Dr. Deepu Philip(IME),Mr.Alkesh Sinha(ME),Mr.Ashwani Roy(ME), Mr. Karthik PB(DP),Mr. Ashish Mohandas(DP)



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