Quadrotor Convertiplane Air Vehicle

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention relates to quadrotor air vehicles and in particular to a quadrotor convertiplane air vehicle which can be flown in both manned or unmanned condition. The vehicle can be remotely piloted or flown in autonomous mode by means of an autopilot. A quadrotor air vehicle, comprising a fuselage, a front and an aft wing in tandem configuration attached to the fuselage, each said wing comprises fixed inward wing section and a pair of tiltable wingtip sections at opposite end of the wings, wingtip sections being tiltable upto a plane normal to the plane of the wing blade section, a propeller attached to each of the said wingtips and adapted to be tiltable with the tilting thereof, means for controlling the tilt function of the tiltable wing tip sections and rotation function of the propellers, wherein said front wing is located at a plane horizontally below the aft wing and the length of the said wingtip sections is equal to the radius of the said corresponding propellers.


Dr. Abhishek (AE), Mr. R. Rama Krishna (B.tec Student),Mr. Sourav Sinha(B.Tech Student), Mr. Joydeep Bhowmick(PhD Student,AE), Dr. Debopam Das(AE), Dr. Mangal Kothari(AE)



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