Reusable Polymeric Writing Surface or Media and Processes Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

A novel sheet is developed on which one can write using almost any kind of pen and print using ink-jet and laser jet printer and wash-off the writing by following simple cleaning process to make it usable again for writing and printing. The sheets can be used through many cycles without forfeiting their characteristics that allow them to be used as writing material. The sheets are made of environmentally benign material and are prepared in simple one step process. These sheets have the potential of changing drastically how written communication is done in today’s world. The writing media or surface allows ink of a commonly used ball pen or other such pens, and other commonly used inks, and that from laser jet printers to produce delible impressions, which can then be wiped off gently with a wet cloth or other such equipment. The polymeric surface of the present embodiment may be used for multiple cycles of writing and wiping without any damage to the surface. The polymer media or surface has controlled topography enabling it to be easily washed, dried and reused.


Dr. Animangsu Ghatak (ChE), Mr. Nitish Singh (Student, ChE)



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