Seed Sowing Boot for Grain and/or Granular Fertilizer

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention relates to the field of delivery boots for sowing of seeds or granular fertilizers and more particularly, to an assembly, device and method thereof for making holes or furrows for sowing and/or manuring. It provides a relatively simple, small, compact, lightweight and economical assembly, device for making holes or furrows for sowing, manuring and method thereof. This can be worn as a shoe, works on Pantograph mechanism. It is an assembly, device to drill holes and sow seeds or manure in soil and methods thereof. The assembly comprising of a soil probe, a seed feed conduit, conduit interior being in communication with the interior of soil probe, a soil poking rod, a platform coupled to a pair of compression means and adapted to generate force, an arrangement of three links adapted to provide a pantograph mechanism for vertically moving the poking rod, and wherein pantographic arrangement of links is initiated to magnify the force exerted by heels so as to push down the poking rod to form a hole in soil and simultaneously allow seed to move in the hole and after maximum compression by the platform, the restoring force return the poking rod in backward stroke while blocking the seed feed conduit and repeating the cycle in each stride.


Dr.Neeraj Sinha(Assistant Professor,ME), Mr.Sangh Priy(Student,ME),Rakesh Thapliyal(Technical Supdt,ME)



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