Simulated Marine Environment Device for Corrosion Testing

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Invention is a miniature test device for testing splash zone corrosion of the offshore metallic and concrete structures. The offshore structures face a great deal of corrosion damage due to regular variation of water level. The variation in the water level occurs due to high and low tide as well as seasonal change. This device will generate laboratory data by simulating conditions that an offshore structure experiences. The device comprises of a simulated testing chamber, reservoir chamber and humidifying chamber. The samples exposed to the corrosion testing chamber encounter five different zones of corrosion which can be studied simultaneously on a single sample in the simulated marine environment. Invention will help in studying the effect of offshore environments on the metal/concrete structures by creating exact simulated conditions in the laboratory scale, studying the behavior of corrosion resistant metals and materials, which would find application in marine/river/lake environment, also studying the protective ability of coating materials on the metals in marine/river/lake environment.


Mr. K. Vishwanath (PhD Student, MSE), Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar Singh (MSE), Dr. Kallol Mondal (MSE)



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