Spherical Tri-leaflet Heart Valve

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to the field of artificial mechanical heart valves (MHV), and in particular to a spherical tri-leaflet heart valve. It provide a check valve for one-way flow of a fluid where the valve diameter and leaflet diameter are varied, keeping the ratio constant, according to the size of the valve. It will also provide a tri-leaflet heart valve, where the combination of mounting cavity and spherical strut act as a pair for a particular size of heart valve and is positioned to follow a relation for a particular size of heart valve. The subject invention lies in providing a spherical leaflet type tri-leaflet heart valve along with a ring type housing for the leaflets. Mechanical struts are formed on the inner side of the housing ring to check the angular travel, to ensure least hindrance to the flow inside the valve and provide maximum effective area for fluid flow. The spherical geometry of the leaflets provides a smooth flow for the incoming fluid, along with exceptional rigidity of the leaflet closure.


Dr. Kamal K Kar (ME), Dr. Nirmal Kumar Gupta (SGPGI), Mr. Mridul Bharadwaj (ME), Mr. Meraj Ahmed (ME), Dr. Malay Kumar Das (ME), Dr. Krishnamurthy Muralidhar (ME), Mrs. Sutapa Mondal (HC, IITK)



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