Super Buck for High Voltage Step Down Applications

Non-Confidential description of the invention

This invention is a Super Buck converter for steep step down of high DC voltage. The converter consists of two inductors, three diodes, two switches and an output capacitor. The voltage conversion ratio of the said converter has an extra degree of freedom which allows it to be operated at a duty ratio close to neither 0.0 nor 1.0. All the diodes are turned OFF at zero current, which avoids reverse recovery loss and switches are turned ON at zero current, which avoids turn ON switching loss. For all power electronic inverters generating AC voltages for motor drives, UPS or power distribution system applications, the input is a very high voltage DC, typically in the range of 400 V-1200 V. These inverters use power semiconductor switches to realize this conversion from DC input to AC output. The current invention describes a power scalable solution which incorporates an innovative concept to enable this high step-down function using minimal power stages and maximal energy efficiency.


Dr. P. Sensarma (EE), Mr. Vignesh Pogaku (Student, EE)



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