Use of Carbon Fibers for Removing Soil Toxic Metals and Increasing Micronutrient Supply to Plants

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to methods and compositions for simultaneous removal of toxic metals from the soil and increasing supply of micronutrients to plants by using a mixture of activated carbon microfibers and carbon nanofibers attached to micronutrients. It relates to methods and compositions to minimize the uptake of toxic metals from soil by plants and simultaneously facilitate the micronutrient uptake by the plants growing in the toxic metal-contaminated soil by using a physical mixture of microporous activated carbon microfiber and nano-sized carbon nanofibers. The ACFs serves as the scavenger of the metal, whereas the micronutrient-CNF is translocated into the plants, serving as the carrier of the micronutrients.


Dr. Nishith Verma (ChE), Mr. Arun Kumar (PhD Student, ChE)



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