Waste Separation System

Non-Confidential description of the invention

This system relates to waste treatment and, specifically, to a technique for separation of waste for treatment. The waste separation system may be installed downstream with respect to the toilet seat and upstream with respect to a waste processing system. This is a modular system, and can be detached for reuse in another environment. The structure of this system enables easy placement below the toilet seat. The waste separation system has a chamber to receive a combination of solid component of waste and a fluid component of the waste. The first chamber comprises an open top for ingress of the waste into the first chamber, a moveable base to receive the waste and allow egress of the solid component of the waste by actuation of the moveable base, and a fluid outlet on a lateral wall of the first chamber for egress of the fluid component of the waste. The fluid outlet is positioned in proximity to the moveable base.


Prof.Vinod Tare(CE)



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