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  • About your business

  • List out one or more Needs/Pain points which are real, genuine, validated, justify that the pain points are indeed pressing
  • Describe the benefits derived by using the proposed Offerings, it could be cost-saving, better health care, time-saving etc.
  • Describe your product/services that you intend to offer.
  • Describe in short the innovations present it could be technology, model, operations etc. pl. mention if it is patent worthy.
  • Clearly identify your customers more precise the better e.g. consumers, corporate, institutional etc.
  • Please provide details about how have you validated that the proposed offerings will be accepted by the customers, provide a summary of customer interaction, product trial, installation if any etc.
  • State if any regulatory issues need to be taken care, in which case list them out, what will be required to obtain them.
  • List out possible advantages of your product/solution has over your competitors. Please insert a table to compare the uniqueness and cost of your product.
  • List out the top 3-4 competitors operating in similar space.
  • State the revenue model, possible points of monetization, is the model based on the perpetual model or one-off sales etc.
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  • Supporting Documents

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