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Designocare are proposing a novel method of treating diabetes permanently specifically for people who are resistant to insulin, by ablating the mucosal cells lining the duodenum through electroporation. They have developed a concept where an electrode, which can expand and fit in any size of tubular structures is inserted via endoscopic probe in the duodenum. …

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Bespoke Health Services

SaniWalk is a special designed connected chamber to sanitizeindividuals with disinfectant before they enter the buildings or places of visit. SaniWalk is based on smart network of sensors (infrared, Far-­UV), cameras and nanotech(Green, non-­toxic) enabled fogging mechanism to ensure the individual is disinfected in 10 seconds of entering the chamber. Cofounders : Dr. Madhu Vasepalli …

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Yourclasses is a digital practice place for Govt exam preparation for SSC/IBPS/Railways/Insurance and many more. Pace up your game by practicing digitally and judge yourself by checking on your strength and weakness & video Solution to every problem. Cofounders : Mr. Aman Srivastava Sector : Services


VentureHaat is an online marketplace that provides the services of buying and selling businesses as a going concern. They are a one-stop-shop where both the buyers and sellers can register with them and look for suitable investment and divestment options to buy and sell their business as a going concern. Cofounders : Ms. Nupur Modi …

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A plug-and-play device that can be fitted into any type of urinals and toilets where people can urinate and get their health records on their smartphones by paying a small one-time cost. The service doesn’t stop at the sample analysis delivered to the user. It provides an entire array of options like visiting nearby local …

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Truspectra are a team of Neuroscience and behavior scientists, AI and asssisive technology experts, and clinicians who are developing an XR AI Based Assistive Technology Learning Platform For Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Special Education. This platform will focus on holistic training and development of cognitive, social and daily life skill using ABA therapy. Cofounders …

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Tritium Electricals

Tritium Electricals highly innovative hardware house, systems integrator and technology provider, established to provide leading-edge intelligent technical solutions to businesses, organizations and government in order to allow the efficient and effective use of the resources. Cofounders : Mr. Shiv Shankar Upadhyay Sector : Hardware

Terraqua UAV Solutions

erraqua UAV is dedicated to provide research based most efficient scientific solutions to the both govt and non govt organizations. They are researchers specialized in solving real world problems using their expertise in contemporary UAV technology. Cofounders : Mr. Shobhit Singh Sector : Aviation

Tecrient Space

Developed a Hybrid VTOL Drone that would be used as Seeding Drones, Mapping Services, Quadcopter, Oil and Gas Pipeline inspection, UAVs, Payload Delivery and Logistics Delivery. Cofounders : Mr. Rushikesh Chaudhari Sector : Aviation

Techsolver Communications and Innovations

A healthcare-tech Company, building novel, point-of-care diagnostics for early dengue detection by confirming through a simplified paper microfluidic assay so that fatalities can be prevented. The technology is introduced through a colorimetric assay which detects extremely trace concentrations of the non-structured protein 1 from the serotype DENV1 which is the most abundant form of infection. …

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