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Satsure Analytics

SatSure leverages advances in satellite remote sensing, machine learning and big data analytics to provide answers to large area questions across multiple domains. Their geospatial big data platform combines satellite imagery, proprietary algorithms, with weather, IoT, drone imagery, social and economic datasets, and cadastral amongst others to generate near real-time location-specific insights. Cofounders : Mr. …

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Reimagine Evolve Design

A healthcare-tech company; building novel, integrated system that facilitates visualization of complete lower genital tract for anatomical/pathophysiological abnormalities (magnified vision) and incorporates this with cytological sampling for cervical cancer screening. DeeScope has the potential to entirely wipe off the speculum examination in OPD, having a potentially huge marketing capacity. Cofounders : Ms. Deeksha Pandey Sector …

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Quality Decor Dzines

De’Dzines operates on a zero-waste belief with the aim of either recycling or giving a fresh life to products, that would otherwise be considered as waste beyond their shelf life, discarded and end up in landfills. Manufacturing furniture, planters, baskets and decor using waste tires Cofounders : Ms. Vaishali Biynai Sector : Waste to Value …

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Pingala AI

Pingala AI builds artificial intelligence systems for industries in Supply, Process,, Assets, Compliance, and Energy area to leverage the transformational power of AI through their edge and centralized solutions turning data into value for the customers. Their AI/ML platform caters to build Tacit ML and Deep Learning for Process and Supply, Process,, Assets, Compliance, and …

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PhotoSpIMeDx aims to deliver affordable, accessible, accurate and minimally invasive diagnostic devices based on Biophotonics technology that uses fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging. They have developed portable oral cancer and cervical cancer diagnostic devices. Cofounders : Ms. Shikha Ahirwar Sector : Healthcare

Phool (Kanpur Flowercycling)

Phool is the world’s first profitable and lean solution to the monumental ‘temple-waste’ problem. These sacred flowers are handcrafted into charcoal-free incense, organic vermicompost and biodegradable packaging material through our ‘Flowercycling’ technology. Cofounders : Mr. Ankit Agrawal Sector : Waste to Value

Phabio Enterprises

Phabio is building a biodegradable,sustainable, scalable and affordable alternative to single use plastics. The properties of their material are tune-able and can be optimized to fit multiple use cases. Phabio’s vision is to become the leading provider of biodegradable plastic resins on a global scale for industrial customers. Phabio won the first prize in the …

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Peopleteck Delta ImpactChain

The Impact-Chain Platform is an endeavor to combine Blockchain with the Internet of Things (IoT) to increase the levels of social good by helping social organizations to run projects transparently. The platform attempts to making it much easier for funders to identify and scale social projects that demonstrably work, while reducing due diligence, reporting and …

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Nuovatek Biosolutions

Developing microwell-platform technology for the generation of microtumors with minimum variation in size. The platfrom will be used to grow tumor organoids from patient-derived cells to screen chemotherapeutic agents as suggested by the clinician. Cofounders : Dr. Neha Arya Sector : Healthcare

Nishkam Technology

Nishkam Technologies provide HVAC design optimization for large buildings such as hospitals, schools, official building, malls, etc. for energy efficiency, pollution removal, pathogen safety and fire safety. Their CFD simulations give credible testing of airflow, increased efficiency of all kinds of barriers. Nishkam’s simulations are also used for buses, metro trains and other public transit …

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