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Doorastha Analytics Pvt Ltd

iLUMY aims to be a leading player in SMART ANALYTICS and is developing a Network Intelligence solution for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) infrastructure comprising of Renewable Energy Micro & Mini Grids, to increase effectiveness and efficiency of RE power distribution impacting the end customer at one end and enhance economic returns for the operators at …

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delMos Research Pvt Ltd

Manufacturer of Advanced & Easy to Use Reagent Strips for Detection of Adulteration in Milk. dELstrips are reagent strips for milk analysis and provides a fast, convenient way of testing milk for the presence of adulterants in milk. Their current strips detect Maltodextrin, Hydrogen Peroxide and Neutralizers, with upcoming detections of salt, urea and glucose. …

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Campus Haat Solutions Pvt Ltd

Campus Haat is an online all-in-one hyperlocal platform for campus communities aimed to reduce the daily hassles of its residents especially students, professors and local shopkeepers. They are creating a mobile & web solution aimed to solve problems using a combination of online-offline approach. Cofounders : Mr.Akshat Srivastava Sector : Services

Bioscan Research Pvt Ltd

Low-cost hand-held brain hemorrhage detection device which is Based on NIR Spectroscopy i.e. Non Invasive, Small and battery operated (portable) and Fully computerized with no result interpretation required (automatic). Cerebro (TM) is market ready with clinical validations done on 60 patients in 2018 and identified by 8 patents. Cofounders : Mr. Anupam Lavania Sector : …

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AgroNxt Services Pvt Ltd

Platform delivering affordable innovations to farmers in the form of products and services. Products and services of significant value to farmers, thereby transforming farmers, from livelihood earners to profitable Agripreneurs. Direct cost saving by digital advisory to 25000+ farmers . Cofounders : Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari Sector : Agriculture

Aforeserve Innovation

AI model that builds up resolution algorithms using historical tickets data and trends, builds up knowledge base continuously so that a higher proportion of tickets can be resolved in an automated manner and proactively. Cofounders : Mr. Rajnish Tripathi Sector : AI/ML

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