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REC Innovation Platform


Rural Electrification Corporation Foundation has launched "The REC Innovation Platform" which has been spreading awareness and motivating the society for using renewable energy sources and also helps to create innovative ideas to do the same. REC Innovation Platform has extended support for mentoring the students from 21 government institutions across Uttar Pradesh. The selected students from these government institutions will be taken through a rigorous Conceptual Research Experience Program and will be mentored on the finer points of research and innovation in the field of renewable energy. Dedicated research mentors will guide the student research teams towards innovations in every aspect of renewable energy ranging from Solar Energy, Wind Energy to Geothermal Energy, alternative bio fuels, and more. The best Research teams will get an exclusive opportunity to develop their innovations into startups at SIIC, IIT Kanpur!

Applications Closed

Focus Domains

Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Geothermal Energy
Bio Fuels


  • The students enrolled in graduation/master's (first year) course from one of the 21 selected colleges are eligible for RAT exam.


Capacity Building on Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Product development across all stages
Nurturing critical and creative thinking
Development of business plan and proposals

Application Process

  • Step 1

    Selection of students through RAT

  • Step 2

    Exploration of problem bank and formation of groups

  • Step 3

    Literature survey and research solution documentation

  • Step 4

    Workshop with top 25 teams

  • Step 5

    Workshop with top 10 projects

  • Step 6

    Shortlisting of top 5 projects

  • Step 7

    Begin co-incubation at SIIC, IIT Kanpur




Agritech & biotech projects


Projects advanced mentoring




Business start-ups plan

REC Innovation Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Only selected prototypes will be funded by SIIC, IIT Kanpur

No. This is program is only for students. Faculty can be associated with a selected group of students to implement the idea.

As per the terms & conditions, none of the ideas will be disclosed to any unknown sources. All ideas will be secured and protected in the server.

A faculty/ research coordinator will identify 3-5 students to form a group in the same institution. The group will be formed on the basis of common interest of all students.

We will consider only specific idea for selection and other entitled benefits.

Yes. SIIC-IITK will provide technical guidance and support for establishing incubation center in our partner institutions.

The students enrolled in bachelor's and master's programs (first year only) from 21 selected colleges are eligible for RAT exam.

No. Students and faculties from 21 partner institutions will be allowed to participate.

RAT is just for aptitude, reasoning, basic English, basic Mathematics skill test. It is just like any normal aptitude test. We are looking for students with good logical & analytical ability &writing skills.

Yes, the top five selected prototypes will be supported to form startups of worth up to Rs. 2.5 Lakhs.