PRISM is for budding students, professionals and common citizens interested in innovation and having an implementable and commercially viable, novel innovation. An innovator of Indian nationality, interested in innovation is provided Grant –in-aid support by PRISM DSIR for prototype development and commercialization subject to completion of sanction of project which includes evaluations, technical and financial viability as well as commercially viable analysis. PRISM -DSIR also helps the innovators to get acquainted with the fundamentals of patenting as well as technical and strategic assistance in idea development.

Arvind SA
He has developed a simplest and reliable aid for the better mobility of people with injuries in lower limb by supporting their body weight on the proposed crutch-‘Flexcrutch.’ It provides a stable stride for mobility and hence improves the recovery pace for the user by allowing the injured part in a load free condition.
Vimala Dharmarajan
MOC developed in this project is a standalone product. This can be extended as a grid connected unit, where the stored battery energy can be converter to AC and can be fed to grid. This will make the MOC more promising product for both rural and urban residential power distribution
Multi Output Converter (MOC) for Utility Power Applications
Mubashir Ali
SandFix is a smart patented pre-filtration retrofit-able inline device which removes sand/grit from water pumped from under the ground. Patent for India and PCT filed. Have Trade Mark for SandFix. Smart flushing for sand collected in SandFix already developed. Development of SandFix for MK2 hand pumps and submersible pumps of higher power in progress. The innovator later added carbon filters and developed low cost methods for water conditioning.
Compact Sand Water Separator for Submersible & Hand Pumps

Who can apply

What you get:

PRISM Phase I- Maximum support up to 20.00 lakh or 90% of the total project cost whichever is lower.

PRISM- Phase-II (Enterprise Incubation): Maximum support up to 50.00 lakh limited to 50% of the total project cost. The support may be provided for scaling up technology based innovations, including patenting/design registration/trademark registry/ technology transfer to develop a marketable product/process towards enterprise creation.