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How this air purifier company born amid raging pandemic won RBI, ONGC, others as customers

27-year-old Ravi Kaushik did his Masters in Environmental Engineering in 2019 from IIT Bombay. Based in Delhi, Kaushik too, like millions of others, was breathing the thick brown smog under the city’s yellow sky. However, the opportunity in air pollution never struck him until the Covid spread in India in early 2020. Air purifier brands tried to seize the moment by launching products that could reportedly fight SARS-CoV-2 in the air. Covid-appropriate guidelines urged people to wash hands multiple times and disinfect surrounding surfaces and objects. Kaushik eventually built an air purifier AiRTh, which he claimed could kill the Covid virus, and got Reserve Bank of India, and ONGC among its first set of customers. “We started working on the prototype in April and June onwards we got onto the first version of the market-ready product. We went through rigorous testing of the product at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in Delhi as during Covid, we couldn’t travel to Mumbai,” Kaushik told Financial Express Online as he explained the difference between AiRTH and other purifiers.

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