A launch pad for purpose-driven entrepreneurs harnessing the power of innovation

SIIC’s community is defined by the intent that drives us: A nurturing environment and community support that catalyzes an entrepreneur’s journey from an idea to solution.
With the involvement of IIT Kanpur’s academic strength and pool of India’s brightest minds in the network, SIIC is committed to pull the best resources together to help innovators and entrepreneurs deliver audacious results .
We believe that while knowledge is crucial to innovation, connection and collaboration are the catalysts. Bright brains with shared intentions and values put together can create a revolution. As an incubator, while we refrain from excessive interference in an entrepreneur’s journey, we do believe in providing one every support required – world-class infrastructure, technology support, alumni connect, mentor support, access to funds, academic wisdom and most importantly – compassion and empathy.
SIIC is one of the most reputed technology business incubators which has supported several successful startups such as HelpUsGreen, Curadev Biopharma, Weather-Risk Advisory, GeoKno, and Aarav Unmanned Systems. With our fair share of successful as well as failed incubatee startups, spanning across 2 decades at SIIC, we have developed the experience base and ecosystem that become key ingredients in the development of early-stage, technology-focused startups.
SIIC has time and now proven to be a nurturing ground for those who dare to believe they can change the world for good. For those who have a keen eye to observe the real-world problems and the intent to solve them using technology and Indian favorite jugaad.
If you are an entrepreneur working on an idea to solve a challenging problem, we welcome you to develop your idea and take it from idea to the solutions that the world needs.
Professor Amitabha Bandyopadhyay
Professor Amitabha Bandyopadhyay
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