We are a multidisciplinary team of dedicated experts that work with you
to build a solid framework to help you innovate, test, and scale your
next big idea.

Who We Are

SIIC is a startup of startups that supports every budding startup in its growth journey. Our network of experienced academicians, founders, mentors, and team members aim to mold, shape, and provide the right opportunities to young talent with technological goals, investors, and mentor pool. The aim of SIIC is simple: to promote entrepreneurship and innovation by converting ideas into products.


The journey of SIIC, at IIT Kanpur, began when a team of creative visionaries came together to build an ecosystem with an objective to build with a purpose.From then to now, the very dynamic SIIC continues to evolve and grow just like another startup! SIIC existed when incubation was in its infancy, mentorship was neither easily available nor popular. A bunch of misfits with an out-of-the-box vision - . we thought, why not overcome the obstacles that we are facing by helping others overcome them too? Seed-funding did not exist.

Our journey of growth has been a challenging one, with myriad lessons along the way. We are a group of tinkerers and problem-solvers, continuously monitoring startup’s needs.


SIIC came into existence when in 2000 SIDBI approached IIT Kanpur to form an Incubation center. The idea was to deepen the
entrepreneurship and incubation culture of the institute.








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