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PhotoSpimedx Private Limited

Founded by a passionate team of young researchers and IIT Kanpur faculty member, the startup is developing affordable, accessible, accurate and minimally invasive cancer pre-screening devices based on patented biophotonics technology that uses intrinsic fluorescence spectroscopy technique.

Airth Research Private Limited

The company has developed Antimicrobial Air purifier by using patented SAVE (Sanitizer for Airborne Virus Elimination Technology) Technology and DCD (Deactivate-Capture-Deactivate) Mechanism. The air purifier can deactivate SARS-CoV-2 virus with an efficacy of 99.9% within 1 minute. The purifier has been tested by CSIR-National Physical Lab and CSIR IMTECH lab for its efficiency.

Intignus Biotech Private Limited

A team of biochemistry and nanotechnology researchers in collaboration with doctors has developed rapid point-of-care tests for early diagnosis of pregnancy associated conditions. The startup's vision is make pregnancy healthier and safer worldwide. The product protfolio includes preeclampsia detection kit, prenatal screening test and PROM detection kit.

Lenek Technologies Private Limited

"Lenek Technologies aims to eradicate Tuberclosis(TB) by improving the screening process through its innovative handheld X- Ray device, which has the potential to bring about a significant change in TB screening in areas where resources are limited."

Phraction scientifics

Phraction scientific is developing platelet concentrator and segregator device indigenously in collaboration with clinicians from SCTIMST Kerala.

Regenmedica Pvt Ltd

Regenmedica is working in the domain of bone tissue engineering aims at developing polymeric and ceramic materials as regenerative therapies for tissue damage focussing primarily on the development of nanohydroxyapatite based bioactive ceramic as an antibiotic carrier for the treatment of bone tuberculosis.

Pyinma Technologies

Pyinma is working on monitoring and temperature device for transportation of Fishes.

InvoViron Industries Trading Private Limited

A team of biotech engineers having the expertise in Nanotechnology, Process engineering and bio polymer engineering is developing a compostable polymer resin developed to replace a few specific single-use plastic application. The polymer is synthesized using chicken feather Keratin, which is hydrophobic, non-burning, biodegradable and durable like nylon.

Durmeric Naturaceuticals Pvt. Limited

Durmeric is manufacturing herbal drops by extracting the active compounds of herbs and spices and their concentration adjusted for easy use by consumers.

Medantrik Medtech

Medantrik is working on developing the Exhaled Breath Diagnosis Device(Model: NODex) NODex devices test for asthma quickly with a non-invasive method that is easy for both children and adults to do. Just blow into a handheld device that will track your results, and can examine the following: 1- May identify what type of asthma you have 2- Can track your airway inflammation over time 3 -Can tell your doctor if you have been taking your medicines correctly.

Prescience Insilico Pvt Ltd

Prescience Insilico is a deep tech company that uses AI and machine learning to accelerate drug and material discovery and development. The company's platform is designed to streamline the drug and materials discovery processes by integrating data from multiple sources.

Reimagine Evolve Design Private Limited

A team of clinicians, doctors and mechanical engineer building a novel, integrated system that facilitates visualization of complete lower genital tract for anatomical/pathophysiological abnormalities (magnified vision) and incorporates this with cytological sampling for cervical cancer screening. DeeScope has the potential to entirely wipe off the speculum examination in OPD, having a potentially huge marketing capacity.

Sidd Labs Private Limited

Siddlabs is a working on design and manufacturing of medical devices. A team of engineer and some doctors are working together to solve numerous problem. The various portfolio are:
  • Product 1: Portable oxygen concentrator: with a 10LPM at 95% purity which can replace Oxygen Cylinders.
  • Product 2: Jaw Openning device: that can be used by the doctors for diagnostics purposes and patients for therapeutic purposes.
  • Product 3: A multipurpose Proctoscope:that can be used for anal rectum examination and operational purposes.
  • Product 4: IV tube heating system: which can be used to heat up the IV fluid and save the patient from Hypothermia.
  • Product 5: Ampoule breaker: which can store the broken cap and safely breaks the ampoule.
  • Product 6: MDF based hand braces: which can be used in place of soft plasters.

Proplant Foods Private Limited

A team of NIFTEM graduates working to develop vegan based meat products. ProMeat offers scrumptious, healthy and affordable plant based meat products for the conscious meat lovers and curious eaters who are looking to switch to better and sustainable proteins. The company offers an amazing amount of protein content in its products and a striking similarity to the taste and texture of animal based meats- all available at an affordable pricing.

Glorios Phyto Labs Private Limited

A team of pharmaceutical chemist and electrical engineers is working to develop a novel low-cost Automated Separation Technology based on Machine Vision for the economical production of high purity Phytochemical Reference Standards. This cost-effective chromatographic instrument is useful in the production of pure phytochemicals with minimum capex and opex, can be widely adopted by AYUSH industries, specially MSMEs for inhouse production of phytochemical quality standards. They will be producing and supplying primary phytochemical reference standards at reasonable cost for domestic and international markets.

AKAC Healthcare Pvt Ltd

VivaFeet plans to launch a smart healthcare assistant in the form of a wearable sock that is targeted toward foot related complications AKAC provides real time monitoring of temperature, pressure and GAIT of the foot to help prevent podiatric ailments like foot ulceration, varicose veins in its early stages and help reduce recovery time and reduce the pain experienced with the help of Electrical Muscle Stimulation of the effected region.

Polycycling Solutions Private Limited

A team of biotech engineers having the expertise in Nanotechnology, Process engineering and bio polymer engineering is utilising non-recyclable plastic waste and converting into 100% recyclable construction materials that will last for years. Through their product VARP, they have developed an alternative to plywood that is termite proof, water proof, fire resistant and more economical than plywood.

Sociodent Private Limited

A team of dentist, prosthodontist and product designer is working to develop an Assistive Oral Care Device for dependent individuals like persons with disabilities, post-stroke individuals and long-term bedridden elderly in homes, hospitals, and care homes. The patent-pending mouthpiece-based oral hygiene device clears plaque and biofilms by a combination of pressurized air and pulsating liquid delivered on the surface of the teeth.

Regenmedica Private Limited

A team of experts in the domain of bone tissue engineering aims at developing polymeric and ceramic materials as regenerative therapies for tissue damage focussing primarily on the development of nanohydroxyapatite based bioactive ceramic as an antibiotic carrier for the treatment of bone tuberculosis. The innovation will benefit at industrial, clinical and societal levels by providing an affordable, easy to operate and indigenous product.

Samak Technologies Private Limited

Gau Rakshak, a purpose-led farmer-centric connected platform helping small and marginal farmers to avail right practices at the farm including balanced feed nutrition, veterinarian, breeding, advisory services, and access to market linkage to sell the produce, leading to improved efficiency per farm, increase milk productivity and yield, thereby creating an impact in the farmers' Live Agreementlihood.

DG Rakshak

DGRakshak is working to develop a non-invasive, portable, radiation-free early breast cancer screening device with a non-invasive blood flow biosensor for population-based computation. Our value propositions are (1) Accurate tumor depth and size calculation based on sensor input, (2) Multi-modal classification, and (3) cost-effective real-time multi-class classification of female subjects. Based on the B2B model, our device offers a solution with more features and costs comparatively less than existing breast cancer diagnostic methods.

Kinoko Biotech Private Limited

Kinoko is developing a bio packaging material “Bio-Col” using agricultural wastes burnt by farmers. Roots of mushroom "Mycelia" is used to bind the waste into a single-use thermocol which is biodegradable and lightweight. They are currently being funded by DBT BIRAC under the BIG scheme.

Macrogardens Private Limited

Macrogardens is working towards enhancing India’s potential for a sustainable future, by setting up automatic Aeroponics Stacks for balcony gardening that helps to grow fruits and vegetables all around the year. Crops are produced in a controlled environment, with no pesticides, no residues, and no soil.

Aarna Biomedical Pvt Ltd

Aarna Biomedical is into production of Poorti kit that provides post mastectomy rehabilitation of breast cancer patients using light-weight and low-cost breast prostheses. Poorti prosthesis is 33% lighter than normal imported prosthesis and has a flat back giving firmness and enhanced projection. Poorti kit costs less than half compared to similar imported products.

Yantram Medtech Private Limited

Yantram is into the development of A Portable CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machine to help Sleep Apnea/COPD patients at a market competitive price, The device has been indigenously manufactured with battery backup and all features of international CPAP machines.

Embright Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

It is designing Metaverse ,AR,VR, MR based content for different sectors such as healthcare, education, corporate business, real estate, tourism, training & simulation. One if its products, Auticare is an XR-AI based Assistive Technology learning platform for Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) and special education. Auticare is an affordable progressive diagnostic and multilevel therapy kit developed in virtual reality for highly functional autistic patients.

Manastik Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Manastik is working on Teleneurology & Teleneurorehabilitation in the mental health sector, specifically dementia. Developing an end-to-end solution in the Neurology healthcare ecosystem.

Jatayu healthcare

Jatayu healthcare is creating pocket-friendly, speech-based technology platforms using AI, ML, and NLP technologies to transform the healthcare documentation and reporting landscape and make it completely hands-free

Zetlon Biotech Private Limited

Zetlon is working on making a disease Indirect ELISA kit (Sera) which detects tiger moth-specific IgE antibodies from fever patients'.The product sera have been validated in laboratory conditions, The diagnosis is designed to provide effective detection of a 30 kDa protein target in patients' sera, which are reliable, and quick with high sensitivity and specificity.

Techsolver Communications and Innovative Platforms Private Limited

A healthcare-tech Company, building novel, point-of-care diagnostics for early dengue detection by confirming through a simplified paper microfluidic assay so that fatalities can be prevented. The technology is introduced through a colorimetric assay which detects extremely trace concentrations of the non-structured protein 1 from the serotype DENV1 which is the most abundant form of infection.

Water N Spices Foodsz Private Limited

The company has successfully developed an Automatic Dispensing Machine that is IoT-enabled. The cart comes with remote access for touchless operation facilitated by a mobile app. It can serve panipuri in a contactless manner in 3 ways different ways i.e fills, gulps, and shots in 14 flavours and 28 recipes. The mobile app is integrated with the machine operating dashboard, customer billing, online ordering, and digital payments.

Biostim Innovations PrivateLimited

Biostim operates within the realms of researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling medical devices. The startup is dedicated to advancing solutions in the domains of neurorehabilitation and neurological diseases.

Bomlife Private Limited

BomLife has developed a patented biofertilizer and a complete range of inputs like health regulator, growth promoter, bio pest & fungal control agents along with crop specific package of practices capable of ensuring yield equivalent to or more than conventional.

Green Alloy Technology Private Limited

Various physiological characteristics, such as skin tone, age, scars and burns, make finding the vein difficult. Existing devices are either too costly or ineffective. Their product will use Infrared light absorption and reflection to create a map of the vein. This device will be affordable compared to market competition.

Urinalytics Pvt. Ltd.

Urinalytics Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has developed a plug-and-play device that can be fitted into any type of urinal and toilet where people can urinate and get their health records on their smartphones by paying a small one-time cost. The device can perform the test for pH, Analyte Uric acid, Analyte Glucose, Analyte Cystatin C, and Analyte Albuminuria. It also provides and entire array of options like visiting nearby local health clinics/pharmacies/pathology labs to increase the early diagnosis of lifestyle diseases.

Saptkrishi Pvt. Ltd

Primary Healthtech Private Limited

The startup is developing POCT which is capable of analyzing more than 25 parameters for the diagnosis of Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, Heart problems, etc. using Nanotechnology, advanced optics, and optimized algorithms at low volume with better accuracy with each test around 1/10 of the existing cost. The IoT-enabled platform generates real-time data ,and electronic health records which provide health insights that are vital for disease management

E Karigari Systems Pvt Ltd(Krishi Mandi)

E- Karigari are developing an image processing platform to predict the crop produce (Potato, Mushroom) yield and quality of the produce after the harvest, differentiating and rating it on a scale accordingly, and providing fair and best prices on the basis of market opportunity for the agricultural produce to both farmers and consumers, taking care of the logistics and customer needs

Poccet Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Poccet Lab Pvt Ltd develops MedTech devices and software with the goal of making highest quality health care more accessible. The primary project the company is working on is a handheld point-of-care device for carrying out lab tests in ERs, NICUs and Ambulances.

Transpacks Technologies Private Limited

Transpacks has developed a technology named CHECKO which allows the use of QR codes as desired, but prevents its duplication. The technology is based on providing an unclonable ID to any product (i.e., a fingerprint just like Aadhaar uses one for humans), allowing it to be verified in the field by the end buyer or government agency alike, using software implemented on a mobile phone. The technology is based on tactile 3D random patterns/features, which in the scientific community is known as physically unclonable function (PUF)and play AR/VR videos.

Chlorohemp Agrotech Private Limited

Cholorohemp is harnessing the full potential of the industrial hemp plant by developing large scale fully integrated hemp processing units product categories under research and development include Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Biofuels, Hemp Plastics, Hemp Composites, Textile, Paper, CBD, Hemp Nutraceuticals & Hempcrete.

AgroNxt Services Private Limited

AgroNxt directly empowers farmers with quality information on their fingertips by a SAAS enabled platform to make farming decisions robust. The compoany also provides services using the portable soil testing device Bhu-Parikshak which is a first-of-its-kind device that can detect soil health in just 90 seconds The device can test upto 1 Lakh soil test samples, the highest testing capability recorded in such devices so far.

Brela Innovations Private Limited

Brela is currently working on developing a product called "The Smart Bra Pad." This innovative device can turn any bra into a personalized breast health monitoring tool, providing efficient monitoring for post-lumpectomy patients, suspected patients (with undiagnosed small lumps), and genetically predisposed individuals.

Industill Farmtech Private Limited

IndusTill is devloping revolutionary Agro-Utility-Vehicle and products for small and marginal farmers of India. The company has developed an automobile, TracTill for this purpose. Tractill is an advanced power tiller cum a mini tractor which can be used for several farming activities and has several features enhancing overall modern farming techniques.

LCB Fertilizers Private Limited

LCB Fertilizers deals with production of biofertilizers targeting different crops which works on the unique formula of microorganism’s colonia and bioreactor for biofertilizer. The company has developed Navyakosh, Krishikosh, Ziva which contains concentrated microbes consortium, nanoparticle and organic super absorbent polymers along with highly rich suitable carriers that once applied in the land starts generating all the essential factors like Nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and other 6 micronutrients in the soil. It also contains polymers which can absorb water and promote water retation of soil.

Life and Limb Private Limited

Life and Limb is developing BIONICLI which is a functional upper limb prosthetic hand with six grip patterns that can achieve more than 15% of activities of daily living. The arm and design of the fingers are such that allow water resistance and thus enhance the lifecycle of the prosthesis. It weighs less than 450 grams with the battery pack. It has an adaptive grasp mechanism that is compliant, compared to using pulleys and belts.

NadiPulse Prognostics Pvt Ltd

Nadipulse is following the principle of Nadi Pariksha which is an Ayurvedic technique known as the "mother of all diagnostics" that uses pulse frequency to discover physical, mental, and emotional imbalances as well as diseases in the human body. The company is developing NCipher, a totally autonomous and scientific instrument for Nadi Parikshan. A doctor can use it to check your pulse, diagnose any ailments a person may have, and then recommend food, yoga, or lifestyle adjustments as part of their treatment plan for holistic healing.

Surobhi Agro Industries Private Limited

Surobhi Agro Industries has developed Farmology, which is a tech enabled full stack platform to enable farmers with accurate advisory, agri-inputs and output market linkages while facilitating major stakeholders in the agri-value chain. They help farmers become more resilient to climate change and adopt best practices to mitigate risks such as soil fertility, pest attacks, wastage etc.


Genomiki have developed a genome-informatics algorithm embedded in a smart cloud based, AI enabled platform which takes in raw data generated in genome testing and analyses to provide personalised reports. By leveraging custom-built analysis modules, their solution enhances precision in identifying causal variants and generating latest therapy recommendations. By leveraging cutting-edge analysis techniques, they empower diagnostic labs and hospitals with highly accurate insights into cancer diagnosis and treatment choices.

Esniff Devices Pvt Ltd

The vision of ESniff Devices Pvt Ltd is to apply cutting edge sensor technology to the benefit of end consumers of food and agriculture products..The aim of electronic nose technology is to provide a solution to the problem of adulteration in real-time.

Agrow Tech Private Limited

Agrifood Tech Private Limited

Agrifood Tech Pvt Ltd has developed a proprietary technology that can help farmers and organizations to overcome the hurdles that are faced during the rhizome processing and to make products that are market ready with full in-house processing. Additionally, the shelf life and quality of the product will be enhanced, and the curcumin retention percentage will also be raised.

ksham Innovations

Ksham Innovation envisions creating the most accessible ecosystem of smart devices for the 680 million+ Deaf, Mute, and Blind individuals worldwide. The startup is developing “Able Glasses” - the world's first smart aid glasses for the Deaf, Mute & Blind people, to empower them to Live Agreement their Live Agreements independently.

Meukron Technolgies Private Limited

Meukron Technologies Private Limited is helping semiconductor and biomedical companies developing MEMS and microfluidic devices to accelerate their product development cycle and market entry, using its innovative manufacturing solution.

Xfinito Biodesigns Private Limited(Xeuron)

Xfinito Biodesigns Private Limited is developing intelligent connected systems for providing affordable, accessible systems for monitoring and risk prediction of neurodegeneration. The focus is to develop active wearables like smart band trackers, smart textiles, intelligent footwear, and in-sole with embedded sensors like pressure, temperature, impedance measurement, and muscle response to physical stimuli.

Wander Continental Flyer Private Limited

Wander Continental Flyer Private Limited is offering to develop advanced high-yielding apple varieties, hybrid apple fruits, and indigenous varieties with its technology of indigenous bark grafting on promising imported rootstock. Pvt Ltd

Perception.AI is working on a voice-enabled, assistive mobile app for blind people, helping them navigate independently. Mobile app recognises the objects in the surroundings and guides the visually impaired around them using audio feedback. Currently, the visually impaired use a mechanical cane or ultrasonic sensor-based canes which do not tell much about the objects in their surroundings.

Soundlear Pvt. Ltd.

Soundlear is dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by Partially Deaf Persons who encounter difficulties with the cost and usability of hearing aids. Specifically, the focus is on individuals who have lost functionality in their middle ear layer.

Movvz Innovations Pvt Ltd

The innovator has developed an Automated Equipment for Arecanut cultivation– Simple & novel (IPR) with the help of which Human can climb > 50 ft in length & on avg.15cm diameter tree for pesticide and crop cultivation, without any risk for human life.


GynoCup a feminine hygiene brand owned by Mild Cares Pvt Ltd is reputed as the world-best online menstrual cup selling company and personal care organization with its headquarters located in New Delhi, Delhi, India. Being established in the year 2019 and GynoCup Launched Jan 2020, Mild Cares Pvt Ltd Brand GynoCup came into operations with its primary objective of making a significant difference in the lives of women and hence developed a sustainable, cheaper, and better form of managing periods.

Cute Brains Private Limited

The company is developing an application to assist children diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. The product is a touchscreen-based interface that involves auditory feedback, haptic sensation, and motor movement. The major objectives of the company are the detection, diagnosis, and certification of Specific Learning Disability (SLD), and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Arthavedika Tech Private Limited

Arthavedika has developed technology-based lending platform for last-mile impact. Services include eKYC, AI engine for credit score for the unorganised sectors, blockchain ecosystem of lenders, borrowers, insurers and ecosystem partners. Intellegent analytics system for easy bank loans and loan assists.

Aitestified Private Limited

The company has developed Antimicrobial Air purifier by using patented SAVE (Sanitizer for Airborne Virus Elimination Technology) Technology and DCD (Deactivate-Capture-Deactivate) Mechanism. The air purifier can deactivate SARS-CoV-2 virus with an efficacy of 99.9% within 1 minute. The purifier has been tested by CSIR-National Physical Lab and CSIR IMTECH lab for its efficiency.

ALGO8 AI Private Limited

Algo8 AI develops Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) products for optimizing last-mile operations in large industries. The company offers customized solutions for applications in process-oriented industries through Data Science expertise, enabling clients' digital transformation into a data-driven organization.

Hacklab Solutions Private Limited

The company provides IoT and AI technologies to help manufacturing companies eliminate hazards. In case of detection of non-conformity in SOPs, the management is alerted immediately. Their SAFFR AI solution effectively delivers 'intelligence at the edge' to benefit users with real-time analytics and actionable response.

Data PkT Private Ltd

Autonomous Drone as a service for the Electricity distribution sector and National Highway Authority of India


Cloud-based storage and video analytics

Pre Doc AI (PLABS private ltd)

Video-based analysis and detection of Juandis in Neo natal children.

MLIT-18 Technology Private Limited

MLIT is deploying AI platform, to build and convert visual data for applied intelligence to replicate human intelligence and improved speed, productivity, accuracy and consistency in business processes to automate visual quality inspection.

Stillsweb Technologies Private Limited

The startup is a next-gen cloud storage system with the sole purpose of facilitating businesses which require to store, organize and regularly share lots of images. Stillsweb uses advanced security and proofing features which makes it a service to get business prospects while sharing their images along with cloud storage platform.

CamnCloud Private Limited

Camncloud is a Cloud Video Surveillance platform, for streaming, sharing, storing & analysing data from any surveillance / video device.

Plabs solution private limited

PreDoc is India’s First AI based Audio Visual Platform used for Diagnostics of Symptoms of a Patient. PreDoc is developing AI enabled smartphone app for Neonatal Jaundice detection using Pressure Technique which: 1. Accurately measure bilirubin level (>95% wrt. TSB blood test) 2. Non-invasively from a 5 sec video 3. Without using any external hardware/proprietary device 4. Within 60 seconds 5. At 1/10th the cost 6. Even in offline mode (low resource settings) 7. Without medical personnel supervision.

Jaackle Infotech Solutions Private Limited(Lamarr)

Redesigned technical interview system to assess candidates based on skills required on the job rather than DSA and logical reasoning ones.

Agnys Waste Management Private Limited

The company is involve in making "Bio-composting of Horticulture & Organic waste into Manure Indigenously (BHOOMI)" composter. The composter has Carbon filters, Solar panels, Air pumps, Shredders, Mixers, Separate liquid & solid waste compartments to ensure odourless, aerobic, eco-friendly and rapid composting.

Earthface Analytics Private Limited

The company has developed a device for analyzing and monitoring water quality through easy-to-use colorimetric test-strip based on smart-phone technology that screens multiple important water quality parameters in less than 2 minutes.

JalSevak Solutions

The company has developed an on-site, low cost and sustainable solution for recycling residential greywater.

Kritsnam Technologies Private Limited

The company has made ultrasonic water meter products (Dhaara Smart) enabled with cellular communication. They also provide Dhaara Live, a dashboard platform that allows users to view, track, and analyze water usage to empower businesses with water intelligence.

Offgrid Energy Labs Private Limited

The company has built novel, cost-efficient & sustainable batteries for utility & mobility markets. Its first product 'ZincGel® battery' is packed with breakthrough innovations and its performance is comparable to that of lithium-ion batteries at one-third the cost; creating a disruptive impact on target markets.

Oxy Neuron India Private Limited

The company makes "The Lipon Inverter" that is new and innovative device which helps to store electricity and reduce carbon footprint. The company manufactures optimum quality assortment of Solar AC, Solar Wate Geyser, Solar Fridge, Solar Water Pump, Solar Generator.

Cycle Spirit Private Limited

The company is building low cost and affordable electric bi-cycle and tricycle.

Virya Paramita Energy Private Limited

Virya Paramita is a renewable energy company that plans to harness wave energy to meet the growing demand for electricity. The company aims to develop a powerful wave energy converter system that will help produce electricity for commercial and household purposes. They aim to expand and use our technology in the following domains such as desalination, ocean surveillance, sea navigation system, coral reef renourishment, offshore communication, weather buoy.

Pi Hemp Private Limited

Pi HEMP provides zero-waste sustainable alternatives to petrochemical plastics using the power of industrial hemp. Being anti-bacterial and biodegradable, it has potential applications in medical devices, healthcare products, dental office equipment, packaging solutions, Sports industry, 3D printing filaments.

Prayas Environment system

"PRAYAS is an environmental management solution provider, company, with CEMS approach, while PLASMA is providing solution for Plastic Waste (PW) with plants supplied in India and Europe. They convert the IW as resource with a solution that fits in circular economy with technological intervention to close open loops of environmental. Currently, for PW, They have developed a decentralized solution for plastic waste processing modular facility with financial viability. This is a unique approach and viable locally for plastic waste with global applicability. This is currently at Validation stage. This solution has a potential to resolve the global menace of plasric – on land / water, generate / accumulated."

Green Trek Research and Development Private Limited

Green Trek focuses on resources efficiency to produce Green Steel. It concentrates on Recycling Steel Waste, utilizing sustainable technology by which GHG's are minimized, and the environment safeguarded.

IAP Media

India Action Project is a collection of young Indians on a mission to unlock Bharat's social, economic, and political potential. Wherein the civic-tech startup on a mission to solve the most pressing issues using technology and data. The entity developed a Jan Sampark App with the help of which they are trying make public welfare schemes accessible and hassle-free for all.

Climec Labs

Climec is a climate tech-based startup trying to revert and fix the damage caused to our environment due to Climate change and Global warming. They specialize in carbon capture and have made a unique domestic air purifier which creates a hyperlocal clean air zone by not only filtering air off its harmful components like bacteria, viruses, Particulate matter 2.5 and 10, VOC and other pollutants but at the same time produces oxygen worth of 22 trees and sequesters six trees worth of carbon-dioxide and holistically ameliorates the quality of air inside your house.

Pacing GrassPvt. Limited

Pacing Grass pioneers the use of bamboo and natural fiber composites, replacing plastics and metals in various applications. Their products offer strength, durability, and enhanced performance while reducing environmental impact.

Deusent Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Deusent is focused on designing, building, implementing, and maintaining integrated solutions in Green Hydrogen domain for multiple industry applications. They leverage existing state of the art technologies to build solutions and is co-guiding leading-edge fundamental and applied research to facilitate development of game-changing futuristic technologies in Green Energy domain.

Swasvayu Cleantech Pvt. Ltd.

Swasvayu outdoor air purifier cleans the air with innovative soap solution and water scrubbing technology. It is a cost-effective and multifunctional air purifier.

Jivoule Biofuels Pvt. Ltd.

Jivoule is a leading biofuels provider that utilizes multi-feedstock technology, tech-enabled operations, and a team of world-class technocrats to optimize every single process.

Vasundhara Biofibres Pvt. Ltd.

Vasundhara is working on developing biodegradable packaging materials made from kans grass in combination with parali, bagasse, and other agricultural wastes by using innovative nano-catalyst technology which reduces water consumption during manufacturing as well.

Sunsync Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SunSync is revolutionizing the solar energy industry with its cutting-edge single and dual axis solar tracking solutions. Their customizable solutions cater to various sectors including MW scale, Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Solar plants.

RCube Recycling Pvt. Ltd.

RCube aims to establish India as a recycling hub for used printer cartridges. They collect waste printer cartridges, refurbish them, and provide them to cartridge component importers. This not only prevents printer cartridge waste from going to landfills but also reduces the need for importing cartridge components

Pradivya Software Private Limited

Worker Union Support (WUS) aims to empower and support workers in multiple ways. They help the workers to get respectable (know your rights, grievance redressal, rules, enhanced communication) and worthy (micro-financing, skill development, expert-agal advice, government policies and programmes) life.

Cultech Wave Private Limited

The company is a creative and cultural enterprise that aims to strengthen heritage education through content, olympiad, excavation kits and virtual experiences.

Aerosys Aviation India Private Limited

The company employs Design Thinking, Creativity, Innovation, and an Analytical Approach to solve challenging problems in drone manufacturing.

Deep Algorithms Solutions Private Limited

DeepAlgorithms - Tackle the advanced and sophisticated cyber threats in the Mobile Application by combining AI-powered continuous monitoring and inbuilt behavioral biometrics and mobile-specific contextual data. Tackle the following threats. (1) Account Takeover Threats (2) Mobile Emulator Threats (3) Malware Threats (4) VPN and Proxy Threats (5) Social Engineering Threats (6) Mobile Device Theft Threats (7) Tracking Synthetic Identities

EGyanam Technologies Private Limited

The Start-up is working on Cyber Risk Intelligence Center (CRIC) designed to address Gaps in Existing Solutions in Incident Response, Threat Intel & Internal Health using Automation, Aggregation & AI Techniques for IT and Industry 4.0 applications.


Ekjal Tech-a start up focused on providing products and professional services for automotive cyber security. We enable certification, compliance, security operations center, embedded security solutions. We leverage our platform services, frameworks and tools for vehicle cyber security processes across the entire supply chain. Maintaining continuous cyber security of vehicles by monitoring, incident handling and VSOC support Validation and audits


The Company deals in the business of UAV Security. Varun is a smart surveillance and interceptor drone capable of multi-modal sensing and deep learning event analysis of cyber and physical events to provide a deep situational awareness. It is also capable of taking a few key actions to thwart such attacks.

Kodeleaf Software Private Limited

The company deals in Software publishing, consultancy & supply software, operating system software, business & other applications software for all platforms.

LiWiR eSecurity Solutions Private Limited

The company is providing enhanced lightweight solutions for resource-constrained devices that fit in the IoT environment, such as RFID tags, contactless smart cards with less memory, low processing power, low network bandwidth, and less energy by authenticating and encrypting their confidential data in a single pass.

T-Sanct Technologies Private Limited

T-Sanct product Integrite is intended to fight the issues of cyber threats, spreading of misinformation, privacy and data breaches negative campaigns using big-data and artificial intelligence.

Terraqua UAV Solutions Private Limited

Terraqua UAV is drone based service provider company specialized in solving real world problems using their expertise in contemporary UAV technology.

Treacle Technologies Private Limited

Treacle Technologies is working to design, develop, install and commission deception tools in infrastructure. The comprehensive and scalable technology will help to deceive potential cyber attackers

Xpanso Technologies Private Limited

The company offers 'Cloud Optimo,' which includes OptimoSecurity, which enables businesses to identify and mitigate risks via security assessments and automated compliance monitoring.

Xten Network India Private Limited

xTen solution extends the enterprise network security posture and minimize cyber-threat risk with next generation security strategies, control points, visibility and without replacing any existing security asset or artefact. Our solution provides automated, continuous threat intelligence updates and proactive enforcements to reduce attack surface and to stop cyber-threat before it acts.


Forensic CyberTech Machines is a leading organization in the field of Digital Forensic and Cyber Technology. FCTM has been a pioneer in setting up state-of-the-art forensic labs and providing complete end-to-end Investigation Services & Training. With years of experience and expertise, FCTM helps law enforcement and corporations to mitigate risk and achieve results on the investigation of several hundred cases of any size or complexity. We technically Design, Develop, and Customize Tools by utilizing information and the latest technology to provide practical solutions for Digital forensics Investigation. Innovation is at the centre of our organization, and Our research and development in the field of forensics deliver out-of-the-box forensic technology and services. FCTM experts assure multinational organizations to address cyber threats and build a robust secure infrastructure environment.

Resonant Electronics Private Limited

The company provides IoT Solutions that capture data from siloed segments of the enterprise, analyse, aggregate, and report real-time information, significantly improving visibility for key Business and Operations Stakeholders while maintaining secure controls that optimise the use of physical infrastructure and assets.


Data Exfiltration and Pre-processing: Developing an Insider Threat Dataset/Using the CERT Insider Threat Dataset to exfiltrate and pre-process the data to generate credible machine learning models for Insider Threat Detection. Demo -Readiness – One Feature Agent Development: Development of the Linux Based and Windows Based Agent to provide enough information to the central machine learning server to provide insider threat detection results. Demo -Readiness – Two Features Integration of Agent with Central ML Server: The final stage is where the agent is integrated with the central server and displays data in form of a dashboard-based reporting system. This would be the Minimum-Viable-Product of the company.

Threat Guardians Pvt Ltd

The Goal of the company is to prepare IT Professionals, Security Engineers & Security Operation Centres to proactively detect, analyze & respond to the evolving cybersecurity threats & incidents through real-world experiences.Threat Guardians will provide a platform for organizations to build or evolve their Cyber Range capabilities.

Vaticinari Technologies Private Limited

Vaticinari Technologies Pvt. Ltd. intends to build SIEM (Software Incident and Event Management) tool for SMBs (Small and Medium Business) which need an easy to use, automated, GUI rich threat intelligence platform along with a security data lake for analytics. Vaticinari provides deep learning based models that represent threat intelligence mapped to MITRE ATT&CK, NIST and cyber kill chain frameworks. This helps to gain real time visibility, security data retention, incident response for regulatory purposes -- all enhancing the defense posture.

Arishti Info Labs Private Limited

Arishti provides cybersecurity products and services in the domain of the industrial ecosystem for the upcoming Industry 4.0. We as a team, are building tools to secure the huge terrain of the SME and MSME industry of India and offshore too. Arishti Info Labs Pvt. Ltd. works tirelessly to secure these industries from the threat of cyber-attacks.

Blockstash Intelligence Private Limited

BlockStash Intelligence is a Blockchain security startup incubated at FIRST, IIT Kanpur under the 3rd Cohort program. We have expertise in Blockchain, Machine Learning, cyber security, building applications and etc. We have a team of dedicated and young, experienced professionals along with top-level technical advisors to create innovative crypto solutions.

Cyethack Solutions Private Limited

Cyethack Solutions is a cyber risk management start-up that helps organizations mitigate cyber risk in real-time. They offer consultancy, training, and solutions to counteract cyber-attacks. The company aims to offer generic and customized products and services to keep Industrial control systems, web spaces, and networks protected.

Disecto Technologies Private Limited

Disecto designs tools for data classification,encryption and anonymization which enable secure data storage, sharing and analytics without compromising privacy and confidentiality.

HACK-X Security Private Limited

HACK-X Security provides an IT risk assessment and a Digital Security Service Platform that offers a unique blend of manual and automated vulnerability assessment. They offer comprehensive assessments to track, visualize, and improve risk posture.

Infinicue Solutions Private Limited

Infinicue has built a smart wallet and an authentication platform, Salvus SeQUr. It is a solution designed to prevent the utility of personal data by cyber fraudsters. Users can configure various cards like Debit Card, Credit Cards, ADHAAR, PAN, SSN, Healthcare cards, Driving Licenses, etc. And recognize configured card removal in real-time and monitor it to come back into the wallet within a threshold time, send alerts for cards on the paired mobile phone about the same.

NapID Cybersec Private Limited

napID One-Touch authenticator helps banks and enterprises to authenticate genuine users and prevent fraudulent login and payments by enabling the login form, payment form, ATM machine, POS machine only for the genuine users using their patent granted napID's Fraud Filter System and Sleep mode Technology.

Opt-Cyber Security Solution Private Limited

Opt-Cyber Security Solutions Pvt Ltd. works in the domain of cyber risk measurement, modelling, and pricing engine to establish India as a Cyber Insurance Hub in APAC, MENA. Their range of solutions includes CyberKavach - Comprehensive Cyber solution for MSME Malware Scanner, WAF, DDoS Protection, Data Protection Suite - PDP Bill (Act), NDHM, GDPR, HIPPA, Cyber Insurance, and CyberShakti.AI - Cyber Insurance Underwriting Engine with an equipped 24 x 7 Security Operations Centre.

Params Data Provider Private Limited

PredictRAM Defi developed the decentralized finance (Defi) Risk Management Protocol using an asset-backed synthetic protocol that allows for information, settling, and trading of decentralized tokenized assets to reduce portfolio risk at a low cost.

Secure Blink Tech Private Limited

Secure Blink provides a safe cyber experience to all users by leveraging Zero-Trust strategies and cutting-edge technologies. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive strategy to predict and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, they provide a variety of Threat-Specific solutions across all technology stacks.

Starwinglobals Era Private Limited

Cyber3ra is building the most advanced blockchain-based bug bounty platform that helps companies and ethical hackers to connects and secure their digital assets in the best possible way through crowdsourcing. Our mission is to build the world's biggest army of ethical hackers to support government and enterprises to fight against cyberattacks and that can support cyber warfare situations.

TigOs Secure Hardware solution Private Limited

The company intends to develop a secure physical hardware crypto solution based on the latest VLSI technology and standard crypto-algorithms, which will be tested on FPGA devices. VLSI Front-end and Back-end tools are utilised for pre- and post-synthesis in this design.

Xiotz Private Limited

xIoTz eXtended Operation Center solution offers a comprehensive, single pane of glass solution for Network Operation Centers (NOCs), Security Operation Centers (SOCs), Threat Operation Centers (TOCs), and NexGen Vulnerability Assessments (NGVAs). This one-stop solution enables organizations to monitor and manage their enterprise networks, systems, and applications from a centralized platform, addressing security, threats, vulnerabilities, compliance, policies, auditing, performance management, uptime monitoring, deception, DNS sinkhole, DMARC analyzers and next-gen vulnerability assessments.

Censor Black Private Limited

EquiDEI is an SME asset tokenisation platform. EquiDEI validate the authenticity and market value of assets with manufacturing companies to arrange software, automation and financial services. The SME sector has illiquid assets like Real Estate, Machinery, Invoices, Raw materials and produce a lot of data which, with the right tools can be used to improve the operation efficiency and build trust by bringing transparency into their supply chains. EquiDEI designed a scalable protocol to monetise these assets to provide low risk liquidity options to these SMEs.

Cosgrid Systems Private Limited

CosGrid Networks aims to facilitate secure and reliable connections among the enterprise offices, work from home users, Cloud and Industrial Things. Their range of solutions includes Integrated Secure Access & User Experience (iSAUE), Secure SD-WAN, and SASE solution.

Cybernexa Infotech Private Limited

The company is a Global Information Security company providing innovative security solutions and cybersecurity compliance services. They provide Strong Mobile Centric Out of Band(OOB) Authentication and authorization for all industries. They Protect your Network Devices ( CISCO), VPN, Remote Desktop Login, Applications against phishing and credential theft. The addition of an additional data protection layer enables organizations to meet GDPR or PCI-DSS / HIPAA compliance and other requirements.

Hommi Technovation Private Limited

Hommi is a connected home startup whose mission is to build a complete connected-home product ecosystem that is secure, private, reliable and scalable.

Eleqzee Energy Solutions Private Limited

At Eleqzee,the innovators are designing, engineering and assembling retrofitted electric vehicles which are safe, certified and tested by agencies like ICAT/ARAI etc.

Zaptics Research Private Limited

Zaptics Research under the brand name of Para Research is building telematics systems for energy storage systems, including smart inverters and vehicular applications. Specially for vehicle applications, their clients (battery and vehicle companies) want to know how their systems are behaving over time so that they can tweak/design their products based on these real hard data inputs.

Sunmint Energy Private Limited

Sunmint Energy operates under the brand name of Reflex Drive to Design, Develop and Manufacture Electronics for Drones in India. Their products range from Motor control, flight control, to Radio controllers.

Baud Resources Private Limited

Baud Scientific Resources is an R&D Company based out of Gurugram working in the domain of Energy Storage space. Company has two proprietary product (A) DeepStorage Technology is a non-battery technology for electricity bulk storage with solar and wind operators. (DeepStorage is current focus product of Baud) (B) wind-train technology is a pathbreaking product for wind turbines that improves turbines' efficiency and storage energy.

Micromation Systems

Novel Multitasking Multiaxis CNC Turning Machine_Both Control & Machine


Renergizr Industries Private Limited

Rosa Technology Private Limited

The company develops sustainable and affordable Cross-Platform Application Development, Robotics, Embedded System, and others.

Dentrifrice Pvt Ltd

Dentifrice is a complete one-of-a-kind oral care health kit. It is the remedy to all your oral care problems in one stop. It constitutes: 1. Dentifrice toothbrushes are designed by the principle of Modern Bass Brushing Technique, as approved by American Dental Association as the right way of brushing it comprises of spirometry to calculate lung health diagnosing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Unique and indigenously made at half the price of other electric toothbrushes. No need of wrist movement and issues of sensitive teeth or overbrushing. 2.Artificial intelligence used to inbuilt diagnostic kit to detect lung health via toothbrush. 3.Pellets based toothpaste, easily portable without any plastic tube packaging. Eco- Friendly, filled with multiple flavours and options like sugar free for diabetic people and separate pellets for kids. It is unique blend of multiple options unlike one size fit all formula. 4.Biofilm has been a major problem in oral health. Research and Development work in progress to make a strip form tongue cleaner to eradicate biofilm without harmful effects of plastic or metal-based tongue cleaner that causes trauma to papillae of tongue. 5.Inbuilt water -based mouthwash to proportionate right amount of chlorhexidine in rinses. It is a portable and proportionately made for clean water to create lesser waste of fresh water through open taps (Survey says 25 Litres of water is wasted per day by people on an average because of open tab brushing). So, no reason to waste fresh tap water anymore. 6.Flossing is immense part of oral care which is rarely used in India rather toothpicks are used that are harmful and dangerous infection causing source. Corn-starch based floss is a must and eco- friendly tools that should be in every oral health kit for interdental cleaning. 7.Dentifrice is one of a kind oral kit at half the rate of the competitions out in the market all in one box. So have a refreshing start every day with new range of products.

E Trainer Analytics Wizard Private Limited

FitBuddy- AI driven fitness mobile app provides real time feedback and workout analytics to its users to enhance their training experience and thus motivating them to stick to their fitness regime. Using new-age AI technologies like computer vision and deep learning, FitBuddy provides real-time calories burned and reps along with complete fitness log for its customer.

Indeema Fibres Private Limited

Develops a high performance UHMwPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) fibres for bullet proof and anti-ballistic applications using gel-spinning technique.

Simactricals Private Limited

Simactricals Private Limited are engaged in the development of charging infrastructure, smart grid integration, intelligent autonomous robot chargers, consumer electronic chargers, biosensors, smart high power transfer wireless chargers for EV's. They tend to overcome the drawbacks in the conventional wireless charging bed.

Likhotronics Tech Private Limited

The company is working on commercializing specialized/functional inks and their associated products. Functional inks are specially made for printed electronic applications.

SyncPhasor AI Private Limited

SyncPhasor AI is working on a real time analytics solution for enhanced situational awareness of the power grid aiding the system operators in making safer and effecient grid operations.

Namagames Private Limited

Nama Games is developing a meta verse gaming experience for mobile devices called MAIDAAN. This will be a real time interactive game with couples indigenously made VR Headset.

Twin Grid Labs

TwinGrid Lab is working to build Digital metaverse platform for a Power Grid operator. It is a digital twin data visualization platform that can be seen over VR with detailed advanced Analytics in cloud based application

Aerobos Environmental

Invariance Automation Private Limited

Invariance Automation solves problems related to computer numerical control (CNC) requirements of small-scale and medium scale industries. In this process, CNC machines such as PCB milling machines, SMD pick and place (PNP) machines, CNC router machines, Additive manufacturing machines (3D printers), Plasma cutting machines, Laser engraving machines, Stone engraving machines, Fluid dispensing machines, and Wood carving machines are being developed.

Alphasine Technologies Private Limited

Alphasine Technologies offers solutions for high-efficiency motors, which allows significant energy conservation. Unlike traditional induction motors, Alphasine's Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors have unique advantages of high efficiency across speed ranges and high power density that offers customers low operating costs.

PATS Literary Solutions Private Limited

Gaatha is an audio platform, where you will find a variety of good reads of hindi language from different genres, organized and available in an interesting audio format.

Joey Envirotech Private Limited

The startup is currently working on a board game named Karma. It is designed using traditional Indian culture to entertain and convey the importance of “karma in one’s life”. The game is divided into 4 stages of life: Balyavastha; Kishoravastha; Yuvavastha; Vradhavastha and major events associated with those stages are in the path.

Acquafront Infrastructure Private Limited

The company undertakes turn-key infrastructure projects for providing “deck over water” for various industrial applications. The company innovated the modular floating units coined as “Steel-Integrated Floating Jetty (SIFJ)”, for easy transportation, assembly and deployment, to obtain a required size floating platform to be used for desired purpose.

Tekorange Engineering Private Limited

Tekorange is involved in the area of Manufacturer a broad plethora of Hydraulic Power Pack Machine, Earth Auger Drill, Mini Tunnel Boring Machine and Automatic Plate Cleaning Machine etc. In their development process, we assure that only top notch basic material is used by our professionals along with ultra-modern tools and machinery.

Bespoke Health Services Private Limited

The company is developing Mobile Intelligent Telepresence Robot – MITR -1. This robot can contribute in socio-assistive scenarios providing new solutions for remote communication, Monitoring & rehabilitation.

Hindonics Technologies Private Limited

Hindonics is making Human-Machine Interaction contactless with a futuristic touchless interactive screen that can convert almost any type of KIOSK or Control panel into touchless.

Intellinext Innovation Private Limited

The company is building AI model that builds up resolution algorithms using historical tickets data and trends, builds up knowledge base continuously so that a higher proportion of tickets can be resolved in an automated manner and proactively.

Fintek LifeTrue Technologies Private Limited

FINTEK Engineers are involved in manufacturing of industrial fluid filtration machines and systems. The main focus is to help customers to reuse and reduce the use of precious industrial fluids by providing economical solutions.

Zoomered Private Limited

The company has created a website and electronics kits that allow you to LEARN physical computing and coding by WIRELESSLY running code on a Raspberry Pi, viewing data, camera feeds, charts, and interacting with the internet all from a single page, without the need for additional hardware or complex code.

Nishkam Technologies Private Limited

Nishkam Technologies provide HVAC design optimization for large buildings such as hospitals, schools, official building, malls for energy efficiency, pollution removal, pathogen safety and fire safety. Their CFD simulations give credible testing of airflow, increased efficiency of all kinds of barriers. Their simulations are also used for buses, metro trains and other public transit solutions.

Asatrobo Technologies Private Limited

AsatRobo is an Indian company that provides DAAS (Drone As A Service) solutions. The company's AI-enabled drone offers innovative solutions to increase efficiency, improve safety, and reduce costs. Their DAAS solutions allow industries to carry out inspections at a fraction of the cost and time compared to other available means. The team is currently working to develop GPS Spoofing for drones which will enable higher defence potential.

Skyai Technologies Private Limited

SkyAI is developing ANTI-DRONE SOLUTIONS to counter the threats posed by UAV’s and drones. SkyAI is developing AI based object detection models for detecting the airborne drones using high resolution visual and IR cameras. SkyAI solution is an end-to-end solution that will detect, localize and eventually neutralize the target drones.

RF Nanocomposites Private Limited

RF nanocomposites private limited is an R&D based start-up company to design, develop, optimize and deliver the best possible microwave absorbers as radar absorber materials for stealth technology in defense and EMI shielding layers/coating for various applications such as defense, space, electrical vehicles, medical, and consumer electronics. We also develop Full/Semi anechoic chamber and EMC chambers for specific requirements. We believe in our research capability to deliver the best solution to the requirements as per the given specification and parameters.

Endure air Systems Private Limited

The company manufactures state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) / drone solutions optimized for user needs. It leverages decade long experience in developing novel airframes, autopilots, communication framework, monitoring stations and artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Envirya Projects Private Limited

The company provides Turnkey solutions in the space of CBRN Defence shelters, Silent Room for anti-Espionage and EMP Hardening of critical assets, through high technology electric and electronic components, measuring devices and systems, high technology gas sensors and gas filters and measuring devices and providing EM simulations and reliability audits incorporating Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Spacephilic Private Limited

It is a new generation space tech startup primarily focusing on designing, manufacturing, and launching reusable launch vehicles.

BBBS Cyber Security Private Limited

Founded in 2022 by Dr. Shivaraman Ramaswamy and Dr.Anuraj Sundararaj, BBBS Cyber Security was created as a cyber security company focused on minimising threats related to electronic warfare, a vast majority of which is implemented through COTS Drones for various intents and purposes like surveillance(Spy Drones), terrorism(payload carrying drones for targeted executions/assassinations), etc..

Dreamaerospace Private Limited

DREAM Aerospace was established to provide a one-stop propulsion solution for various missions ranging from as small as 1U CubeSat to a majestic rocket. The propulsion systems are as easy as a plug-and-play enabling the window for quick launches. Our engines are customizable as per the mission requirements. Our vision is to develop an exceptionally reliable propulsion system with a great user experience, thereby providing the best solution for the aerospace industry.

Aethrone Aerospace Private Limited

The company designs, develops, manufacture, and support critical mission systems, platforms and components for the Aerospace and Defence Sector.

Ardhan Research Labs Private Limited

Full Stack Design & Development Company focused on building Asia’s First Autonomous Hypersonic Unmanned Aircraft and Deploying and Forged "Perimeter Protection and Precision Strikes" Platform in Bharat. Our goal is to create truly innovative AI driven Infrastructure-independent solutions for Armed Forces, Homeland Security, Paramilitary and Private Enterprises.

VU-Dynamics Private Limited

VU-Dynamics, a startup, focused on developing new age aerial platforms integrated with innovative technologies to cater for both defense and civilian purposes. They work on design & development of aerial platforms & Simulation modules, Indigenous Solutions, Surveillance & Monitoring for defence and Civilian applications, Generation of DTM’s, DEM’s and subsurface maps.

Free Stream Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Free Stream Technologies Pvt. Ltd. specializes in managed services, encompassing network planning, hardware procurement, software licenses, installation, commissioning, annual maintenance, platform operations, service development, and marketing and sales. In partnership with IIT Kanpur, Free Stream will execute the Proof-of-Concept for Direct-to-Mobile (D2M) Broadcasting Technology across 19 cities from New Delhi. This initiative aims to evaluate the effectiveness of D2M broadcasting technology for large-scale and nationwide deployment.

Anjaneya Agro Tools Private Limited

The company makes machine to reduce the drudgery of labourers and animals in operations like mulching, spraying pesticides, spraying fertilizers, weeding and seed drill by utilizing a completely simple mechanical multi-purpose agriculture machine.

Bio Craft Innovation Private Limited

The company makes bamboo-based injection moulding granules that can be used on standard plastic machines. Compostable granules can be used in making single-use plastic items and other thermoplastic applications.

Adwik Mobility Solutions Private Limited

The company is involved in designing and development of integration in vehicles/locomotives/marine engines/hybrid vehicles apart from microprocessor based systems for different mobility applications.

Arnium Technologies Private Limited

The company is actively involved in Designing automation systems for a manufacturing unit or part of it and Making stand-alone devices smart & networked.