Corporate and Academic partnership to

support pathbreaking Healthcare Innovations

HealthTech Innovation Launchpad

The initiative is a joint collaboration between Startup Incubation and Innovation Center, IIT Kanpur and NTT Data Services that aims to deliver accessible and affordable healthcare solutions to refine the quality of primary health care services in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The initiative will shortlist startups in the HealthTech domain and award them a grant to test and install their products in the designated locations. The selected startups will utilize the existing healthcare infrastructure to enable quality assured healthcare services.

Selected Startups

Noccarc H210



Advanced Spica Table



Yantram Medtech

Continuous body temperature monitoring device


Our Impact

Startups Supported

Innovations Supported

Funding Support

Project Locations

JL Rohatgi Hospital, Kanpur

CHC Sirathu, Kaushambi