An Espresso Emulsification Method for Synthesis of Uniform Hollow Polymer Nanoparticles

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Invention is a unique “espresso emulsification method” developed to produce hollow nanoparticles made of polymers that have been proved to be safe to be used with medicines for humans. This method can produce hollow particles of uniform size as small as 25 nanometer. The produced hollow nanoparticles can hold a variety of materials such as genes, proteins etc. and deliver these to the affected areas of the human body to treat various diseases. Since the particles are hollow, they need smaller amounts of the expensive polymers in comparison to non-hollow particles. The polymer particle protects the medicine inside it from the various chemicals in the human body, and also does not itself affect the efficacy of the medicine. Furthermore, the medicine is released from the particle at regular intervals, which is a desirable characteristic for medicines used in the treatment of many diseases.


Dr. Pranav Joshi (ME), Dr. Archana Raichur (ME)



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