Electrosurgical Cautery with Suction Inbuilt

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Cautery is a device to achieve hemostasis and tissue destruction by passing current through the resistant metal wire. It uses radio frequency alternative current to cut and cauterize. The invention is an electro cautery that has suction mechanism. Electro cautery has application in surgical operation and during cauterization produces evasive odorous smoke due to thermal destruction of tissues in the operation theater. Smoke contains toxic gases which have carcinogenic and mutagenic effects. Invention with suction mechanism is useful for doctors, nurses, patient and other staff members present in operation theater during surgical operation.


Dr. Tarun Gupta (CE), Mr. Roshna Kumar (Student, CHM), Mr. Ankur Bajaj (Student, BSBE), Dr. Pooja Ramakant (KGMU), Dr. Kul Ranjan Singh (KGMU), Dr. Anand K. Mishra (KGMU)



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