PRISM (i.e, PRomoting innovation in Individuals, Start-ups, and MSMEs) aims to transform an individual innovator into a technopreneur by promoting, supporting, and funding implementable and commercially viable innovations created for society irrespective of their educational background. It is launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology under the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Applications can be in focus domains but not limited to those. One can apply for a PRISM grant as an individual innovator in any of the following phases.

Phase II- Category I-(Proof of Concept/Prototypes/Models)- Maximum support up to 2 lakhs or 90% of the approved project cost, whichever is lower.

Phase I- Category II- (Fabrication of Working Model/Process Know-how/Testing & Trial/Patenting/Technology Transfer) - Maximum support up to 20.00 lakh or 90% of the total project cost whichever is lower.

Phase-III (Enterprise Incubation): Maximum support up to 50.00 lakh limited to 50% of the total project cost.


Focus Domains

Green Technology

Clean Energy

Waste to Wealth

Affordable Healthcare



  • Any Indian Citizen with an innovative idea or invention from any educational background.
  • The applicant has to be a single person applying under Phase 1 and Phase 2 category.
  • The projects relating pure software development and those involving pure academic research are not eligible.


Application Process

  • Step 1

    Call for applications open on SIIC website

  • Step 2

    Internal review of applications based on the applied category

  • Step 3

    Announcement of selected applicants

  • Step 4

    Presentation to the selection committee

  • Step 5

    Final announcement of selected applicants under specific category

Months Program Duration

Startups Supported

Applications Received


Application form

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the applicant receive any stipend?
No, funding support is provided in tranches for project completion only.
List of documents required for submission after the program is selected?
Incubator can provide funding as equity and equity linked insturments(CCPS) upto Rs 30 Lakhs per startup.

Phase I

  • 1. Application form
  • 2. Proof of Concept
  • 3. Address Proof
  • 4. ID Proof
  • 5. ITR Filled
  • 6. Patent Copy (if Available)
  • 7. Copy of Innovator's PAN

Phase II

  • 1. Application form
  • 2. Proof of work done, prototype, feedback received, business plan
  • 3. Government recognized certificate of product/service
  • 4. Address Proof & ID Proof
  • 5. ITR Filled
  • 6. Patent copy(if available) and Copy of innovator's PAN
List of documents required for submission after the applicant/proposed startup is selected?
Following documents must be submitted once the applicant/proposed startup is selected:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Card of Company
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • MGT 7
  • AOC 4
  • Audit Report
  • Audited Financial Statements: A signed copy of the Financial Statement
  • Copy of Latest Income Tax Return
  • KYC of Directors
  • Includes all the directors: 1.) PAN Card 2.) Aadhar Card
  • Board Resolution for Agreement
  • A signed copy of Board Resolution
  • GST Number
  • TAN Number
  • Bank details: Copy of bank statement/canceled cheque of new bank A/c.
  • Photograph of the Proposer