Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE) 2.0 Grant is a scheme funded by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) that promotes ICT enabled tech entrepreneurship through financial and technical support to incubators in selected domains of national concern. Four applicant are selected under TIDE 2.0 Grant with relevant proof of concept who will then convert their product into a minimum viable product.


Focus Domains

Green Technology



Infrastructure and

Environment and

Financial inclusion digital payments

Clean Energy


  • The applicant should be a citizen of India with possession of a government-approved proof of nationality such as a valid Aadhar, passport, voter’s id etc.
  • All Startups and Innovators with a solution around ICT (Information & Communications Technology) can apply.
  • The proposals should be preferably from the pre-identified thematic areas of societal relevance in the realms of health care; education; agriculture, financial inclusion including digital payments; infrastructure and transportation, environment and clean tech, clean energy solutions and other emerging tech areas.


Application Process

  • Step 1

    Call for applications opens

  • Step 2

    Applicants apply through SIIC website

  • Step 3

    Shortlisting of the Startups

  • Step 4

    Internal evaluation of the selected startups

  • Step 5

    Announcement of the grantees

Months Program Duration

Startups Supported

Funding Released

Applications Received

TIDE MVP Grant Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the applicant need to be virtually or physically incubated at SIIC, IIT Kanpur?

The incubation can be virtual or physical depending upon the nature and other logistical aspects of the startup.

Will the applicant receive any stipend?

Startups can receive grant support upto 7 lakhs.

Does the applicant need to be virtually or physically incubated at SIIC, IIT Kanpur?

It is mandatory for the startus to be virtually incubated at SIIC, IIT Kanpur. However, the applicant may request for virtual incubation due to logistical or circumstancial issues.

List of documents required for submission after the applicant/proposed startup is selected?

Following documents must be submitted once the applicant/proposed startup is selected:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Card of Company
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • MGT 7
  • AOC 4
  • Audit Report
  • Audited Financial Statements: A signed copy of the Financial Statement
  • Copy of Latest Income Tax Return
  • KYC of Directors
  • Includes all the directors: 1.) PAN Card 2.) Aadhar Card
  • Board Resolution for Agreement
  • A signed copy of Board Resolution
  • GST Number
  • TAN Number
  • Bank details: Copy of bank statement/canceled cheque of new bank A/c.
  • Photograph of the Proposer